TXY Tech offers these (3) unique OLS Technology attributes:

1. Clamp Design:

Clamp material selection and clamp structure design are critical for successful leak sealing operation. By taking leaking process physical conditions into account, stress analysis and calculation are rendered to ensure a pressure/temperature-resistible clamp structure. The TXY-Tech’s unique clamp provides connections between an injection gun and the clamp cavity for the sealant to be optimally injected. Meanwhile, the shape (geometry) of a clamp varies depending on the location of leaking piping or equipment.

2. Sealant:

Invented by TXY-Tech’s founders, the TXY serial and universal sealants enjoy the quality of covering wide range of low/high temperature (from cryogenic to 1472 F), low/high pressure (from vacuum to 4641 psi) and wide process medium resistance. Years of research and development on sealants by TXY have considerably contributed to sealant diversification applicable to a wide range of leaking conditions. Recently, we further developed sealant products for moving parts (such as valve stem) application.

3. Operation:

With project experience and know-how accumulating, we have initiated training programs for maintenance professionals to standardize and coordinate service approaches. In addition, we also provide our trainees with our technical consultation and hands-on supervision after the completion of training. Therefore, continued improvement of operational procedures has been realized through our training and project management functions.

Leakage Schemes and Sealing Operation