TXY-Tech’s Online Leak Sealing & Pipe Repair

TXY-Tech Online Leak Sealing (OLS™):

With a combined 30 years of experience, the founders of TXY have brought their commercialized R/D and services experience to the United States which was accumulated from years of studies at professional institutions and field services by effectively integrating three attributes of Online Leak Sealing (OLS™) Technology: namely Sealants, Clamps & Tools, and management of to respond to a variety of inquiries.

TXY-Tech enjoys high prestige throughout the world, and its products are recognized world-widely in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Peru etc. Meanwhile, the customer type ranges from transnational corporations such as Shell, Exxon Mobile and BASF to medium and small sized national companies.

Over 3,000 certified professionals have been trained and are continuously deploying TXY OLS™ Technology for Processing Industries: oil & gas, refinery, chemical, pharmaceutical, power plant, food processing, metallurgy, etc., which enjoy their services of plant uptime maximization, environmental impact minimization, risk reduction and legal liability mitigation.

TXY-Tech is dedicated to reducing downtime with OLS™ Technology for Processing Industry!

Online Leak Needing Sealing & RepairOnline Leak Receiving Sealing RepairSealant being applied to online pipe leak

TXY-TECH is a corporate member of the American Petroleum Institute(API)

Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME)