TXY China has witnessed the growth of Chinese Process Industries since early 80’s, and focused OLS Technology as sole area of endeavors. By realizing OLS Technology is to be considered as integral of Sealants, Clamps & Tools, and Project Management, TXY China has strived for this integration from very beginning of business debut in 1997, and has achieved as of today as follows:

  • ISO 9001 Certified Management Team
  • Patented Sealants
  • In-house designed clamps and tools
  • Technical Training Programs to achieve standardized and coordinated service approach
  • Continued improvement through feedback from sites and TXY China Annual User Meetings (total of 13 as of 2010)


TXY recognizes that our OLS Technology can be the very solution to safe production for Process Industries. We are here in the U.S. to share our experience s and success with potential customers, and service partners for OLS Technology to achieve much greater problem solving together. On-site implementation of TXY’s OLS technology is provided by the designated third party service providers.