Injection Tools Package

1 Tool Case
2 High-Pressure Hose
3 Manual Hydraulic Oil Pump
4 Manometer (0 ~ 600 bar)
5 Steel Belt
6 Screw Filling Joint
7 Injection Valve
8 G-Clamp (L M S)
9 Reverse Joint 90o
10 Reverse Joint 120o
11 Gauge Stand Joint (3-way)
12 TXY-Injection Gun
13 Quick Coupling (closed M&F)
14 PSI Epoxy Putty Quick Repair Series
15 Heat-Proof Quick Steel Paste
16 TXY Series Sealants
17 Steel Belt Clip
18 Belt Tighter (manual)

Our online leak repair injection tool kit meets the general emergency quick-fix needs of many plants with in-house knowledge of online leak repair, as well as being a useful and convenient weapon in the arsenal of online leak sealing professionals. It includes all of the tools required to handle some of the most common plant pipe leak jobs.

Banding Machine

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